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Specialists search service Joule


Client: Roman M.

Duration: 3 months

Skills: PHP development, Laravel framework


Now find a technician to install solar panels even easier. The site opens the way not only in search of performers. The work of the expert can read reviews left by previous customers. In order to select the worker, you should apply a form. In the form you need to specify the place of residence, power plants, an area of ​​the roof and several other characteristics. This will help you estimate the cost of building and installed power. Search customer can as individuals who want to install solar panels on the roof and legal persons who wish to build powerful solar power. Installation Specialists batteries can also register online and receive orders from customers. After filing should select the most appropriate offer from the specialist. After the work can leave comments on the work - it will help others in choosing a specialist. To use all the features of the site you need to register.
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