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Our team

We're specialize in
web & mobile development,
UI/UX design

Our development team can provide you with a high quality IT services of any kind. Our specializations are Mobile, Web and Desktop applications.

Each of our design teams cooperate with development team and client to achive high standarts of User Experience and best look of your projects Interface.

We have extremely high-standards when it comes to design, and if we begin work on an existing project that needs a new design what makes us know “how” to design is the extensive interviews we do with our client.

We expertise in open-source Content Management Systems provides our clients with websites that are easily maintained, improve their online fundraising abilities, support online advocacy campaigns and help them build online communities.


Eugen Liubarshchuk

CEO & Co-founder

Nikolay Prohorov

COO & Co-founder

Yuriy Zelenkov

CMO (Lead Manager, Sales Tunnels Architect)
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